Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Bourbon


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Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Jefferson’s named to pay homage to Thomas Jefferson, whose courage in pushing boundaries are mirrored by Trey Zoeller who along with his dad, Chet, himself a renowned bourbon historian, founded the company in 1997.

The family’s ties to bourbon date back to Trey’s 8th generation grandmother who, in 1799, was arrested for producing and selling ‘spirituous liquors’. Thankfully these is no longer the danger of jail-time and Jefferson’s can push forward with their ambitions and curiosity as the stretch the boundaries and experiment whilst also keeping to traditions.

Always with careful note taking, and made in very small batches, Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Kentucky Straight Bourbon is stored in previously used barrels, then is taken by ship on a worldwide journey, crossing the equator 4 times, stopping off in no fewer than 5 different continents. This time aboard ship, the swell of the waves agitating the precious cargo, its changing environments altering and changing temperatures allowing this unique bourbon to evolve and to take on new and fabulous complexion.

The third expression on Jeffersons Ocean Aged at Sea was released in the autumn of 2014, and has a nose and palate that is awash with raisins and citrus that dominate making it deliciously sweet. Spices of cinnamon nutmeg and vanilla then come into play, the bourbon alcohol burn heating things up whilst the mouthfeel is liquid velvet. In the finish the spice and raisins stick around, the citrus making itself known again as the spice drops off, leaving you with a lingering faintly sweet, fruity aftertaste.