Jameson Caskmates Angel 750ml


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Jameson Caskmates Angel City Brewing Edition

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Jameson Caskmates Angel City Brewing Edition

In 2015, six Jameson barrels from the Midleton Distillery were sent to Angel City Brewery. Angel City Beer was matured in Jameson irish Whiskey barrels for six months; resulting in a unique Jameson finished red ale. The Angel City Brewery seasoned barrels were returned to the distillery and refilled with Jameson Irish Whiskey. The result is a unique neighborhood edition Jameson Caskmates with a truly original finish.

The unique finishing approach imparts the rich Imperial Irish Red characteristics of vanilla, molasses and black cherry into the Jameson Caskmates Angel City Brewery Edition Irish Whiskey. This expression of Jameson should be served neat, on the rocks, or paired with an Angel City Imperial Irish Red Ale.