Jack Daniels Single Barrel Coy Hill


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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey

Your next bottle of whiskey is here.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 2021 Special Release Coy Hill is the highest proof whiskey from Jack Daniel's Distillery, bottled at 125 proof. It features a sweet, yet strong caramel and vanilla presence, with a hint of cooked apple and pear. It's bold, but balanced—making it a great whiskey for sipping neat or enjoying with friends in your favorite cocktail.

It is the fourth annual Jack Daniel's Single Barrel special release and commemorates the 125th anniversary of Mr. Jack's death in October 21, 2021. The bottle features a label that illustrates the hill where he passed away, Coy Hill. Each label also has a date stamp to commemorate when it was bottled and released to consumers, as well as its unique serial number and barrel number.

You're almost there with Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Coy Hill High Proof Whiskey. This bottle of pure Tennessee delight was bottled in its purest form straight from the barrel, with minimal filtration, uncut at 137.4 - 148.3 proof. Keep this one-of-a-kind bottle upright at all times unless you are pouring it into a glass to enjoy. The New Jack Daniel’s Release Comes With an Actual Warning: “due to the high barrel strength, the bottle should remain upright at all times”.