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Jack Daniel's Frank Sinatra Century

Celebrating the 100th birthday on December 12, 2015 of legendary icon Frank Sinatra, well known for toasting his audiences with a glass of his favourite Jack, Jack Daniel's have released this incredibly special "once in a lifetime" extremely limited edition expression 'Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century'. Carefully crafted from 100 hand-selected barrels it is aged at 100 proof.

Presented in its lacquered midnight blue presentation box and in further tribute to Old Blue Eyes, alongside the individually numbered bottle of Jack Danial's Sinatra Century you will find also a special edition hard-bound book exploring the life of this iconic singer as well a replica of Sinatra's signature tie clip. However the tie clip is not all it at first might seem. Inside it is a never-before released recording of a 1966 concert that took place at the famous Sands Hotel and Casino in Vegas.

A collector’s piece in and of itself, you will get a kick out of this exclusive and distinctive Tennessee whiskey. Sinatra Century has been barrel aged in specially created white oak casks, the staves of which had been crafted with extra deeply grooves increasing the surface area of the wood against which the whiskey has been exposed. This exposure maximizing the depth and complexity of the precious liquid inside.

Robust and bold, Sinatra Century is all set to fly you to the moon glowing a deep orange-amber in coloration. Melodious oak inspired aromas float upon the air. Smokey, woody notes are sweetened with lush golden honey and bright tropical fruits.

Up front the flavors of spiced oak and soft smoke, prick the tongue. Then full bodied layers of creamy coconut harmonize with zingy citrus. It is a sweet symphony upon your palate.

The finish is lingering and as refined as the great man himself. Notes of smokey charred-barrel spices and the sweetness of ripe cake fruit. Velvet smooth Sinatra Century croons with a timeless and rich serenade.