Jack Daniel Red Dog 750ml


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Jack Daniel Red Dog

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Jack Daniel Red Dog

This Jack Daniel Red Dog whiskey is a limited edition whiskey that was made to remember the days when you could buy a drink of this smooth whiskey in the town that it was made. It is a limited edition whiskey that is distilled in Lynchburg, just like it was when Mr. Daniel’s opened his saloon in 1892. If you want to commemorate the time when this whiskey was first served, you will serve it with music, camaraderie, and conversation. There are foods that go well with this whiskey as well. If you need a meat to serve with this whiskey, steak, pulled pork, and smoked ribs are really good options. When it comes to seafood, sushi is a great dish to be served with this whiskey. For your cheese needs, sharp cheddar is a super choice to drink with this whiskey. Finally, if you want to eat something with this whiskey, chocolate or pecan pie are preferable choices to eat with this whiskey. These foods will go well with this whiskey whenever you decide to serve it.