Jack Daniels HOLIDAY 50ML 12-Pack


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Jack Daniels HOLIDAY 50ML 12-Pack

Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Holiday Variety 50ML 12-Pack

Jack Daniel’s Holiday 50ml 12-Pack is a great collection of 50ml bottles that are including the Jack Daniel's family of brands. For your holiday, party, or special occasion, you can't miss this pack.

It’s time to celebrate the holidays again. No need to do all the prep work when you have this Jack Daniel’s Holiday 50mL 12-Pack on your shelf. Celebrate with one or all of these 50mL bottles of bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and American rye whiskey.

Bring home the best of the season with this Jack Daniel’s Holiday 50ml 12-Pack.

Jack Daniels (50mL) x 2
Jack Fire (50mL) x 2
Jack Honey (50mL) x 2
Jack Rye (50mL) x 2
Jack Daniels Apple (50mL) x 2
Jack Daniels Single Barrel (50mL) x 1
Gentlemen Jack (50mL) x 1