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Jack Daniel No 7 Old Tennessee Gift Set (OLD IMAGE)

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Jack Daniel No 7 Old Tennessee Gift Set

With a worldwide fan base Jack Daniels whiskey is without doubt we'll loved. Its reputation speaks for itself. Jack Daniels No 7 is charcoal mellowed, filtered drop by drop through a whole ten feet thick layer of firmly pressed hard sugar maple charcoal. They take their time and nothing is rushed. It is then aged in charred oak barrels they've handcraft themselves.

Not abiding by routines led by calendars, their Tennessee sippin' whiskey is ready when it's ready. This is decided in the exact same way as Jack Daniel himself did. Experienced taster and Master Distiller Jeff Arnett will use his senses, to observe its color. To breathe it in, and most importantly to taste it. Not until everything is as it should be is it bottled ready to be enjoyed.

Gift Set may not include box unless noted, comes with a 750ml Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey & A HighBall Glass!