J.R. Ewing Reserve 750ml


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J.R. Ewing Private Reserve Bourbon

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J.R. Ewing Private Reserve Bourbon

With a sassy in your face tag line that says “If it’s good enough for my name, then its damn sure good enough for you’ this is a bourbon that makes you sit up and take notice and to make sure his claim is true!

This bourbon bears the name of someone who is supremely confident in himself, with pride in what he has built, and demanding of exacting quality in what he produces. J.R Ewing Reserve is a bourbon fit for for a man who accepts nothing but the best; J R Ewing Reserve Kentucky bourbon.

Handcrafted and distilled in Kentucky by Master Distillers with many generations of accrued knowledge and expertise JR Ewing Reserve has been aged with care and tenderness over four years stored in new charred American oak barrels.

This attention to detail from start to finish has resulted in a premium quality classic bourbon fit for J.R himself. It balances the sweetness of corn, rich and smooth layers of sticky caramel, soft sweet vanilla, toasted oak, a little spice and then a touch of zingy citrus orange at the back end.

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