Iwai Tradition Japanese 750ml


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Iwai Tradition Japanese Whisk

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Iwai Tradition Japanese Whisky

Sip on the unique and tantalizing flavors of an award winning whiskey as if you truly deserve only the finest one has to offer. That is the symbol and defining moment of the IWAI TRADITION JAPANESE WHISKY. One may find enjoyment in the:

Sweet and drawing on the nose, brings pleasant scents of cherry and delicious chocolate aromas with notes of ginger spices that burst among the sweetness.

The aromas of the nose play out within the taste. Adding to pleasure, an addition of honey, hot cream, and raspberries makes for a delicious and enjoyable drink.

The finish is just as enjoyable as the start. With the slightly long finish holding true to its mild ginger spice and hints of honey, it is one that you may want to hide away for the special guests within your company.

The Mars Iwai Tradition Wine Cask Finish with a 40% abv holds its own and won’t let its company down. A hard to find blended whiskey that is deserving of a space within the hidden compartments of your cabinet.