IronFire Ginger Deaman 22oz


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IronFire Ginger Dead Man Ale

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IronFire Ginger Dead Man Brew

What is it they have always said? Only the good Die Young? Well, IronFire Ginger Dead Man brew is a starter ticket to keep you on the alternate ticket. The taste? It’s all about the season man, they say Merry Christmas. Keep it festive.

The Scent- little gingerbread men baking in grandma’s oven.

The Taste- Take the scent and turn it into a liquid- it really is that simple and that good. All of those luscious ingredients blend together in perfect union. Just when you think you have it figured out which may be a dominate flavor, another comes around bursts to the forefront. The beautiful brown sugar, molasses, allspice, ginger and cinnamon ooze out of the bottle in a combination so smooth and so inviting another glass, bottle or drink or two may be more than necessary to figure it all out.

Take care of the holiday’s and your favorite beverage. The Ginger Dead Man is in limited supply. Enjoy as much now and stock away the rest. Invent holidays as the need arises.