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Hudson Double Charred Whiskey

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Hudson Double Charred Whiskey

In late September of 2012, in the Stillroom of Tuthilltown's New York distillery, vapors leaking from one of the stills, ignited causing a sudden explosion, setting the site ablaze.

As you would expect of such a blaze, much precious stock was lost, though thankfully no one was hurt and somehow no serious damage was caused to the copper stills, giving Tuthilltown a promise of a future to rebuild.

From the ashes, a small bounty spirit did survive and whilst rebuilding began, founder Ralph Erenzo set them aside. They were 100, freshly filled ten gallon casks, charred and unidentifiable, their labels and markings burned off.

Two years later, commemorating Tuthilltown's recovery and remarkable resilience these fire victims have been handcrafted to create just 2,760 bottles an unrepeatable limited edition, Hudson Double Charred.

Hudson Double Charred is an abundantly aromatic blend of bourbon and rye whiskies; sweet caramelized corn, spicy rye, fresh and juicy orchard fruit like apples and peaches and winding through this, exotic vanilla. On the tongue, Double Charred has a kick of peppercorn. It is very spicy, you taste the sweet caramelized corn, brightened with zesty lemon balancing beautifully with nicely with tannins. The finish leaves you with the richness of spice.