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Lemon & Grassy India Pale Ale

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Hop Freshener Lemon & Grassy India Pale Ale

Brewed with Lemon Zest

If you're looking for the perfect summer beer, then you absolutely have to check out Lemon & Grassy India Pale Ale brewed with Lemon Zest, what a wonderful brew. Upon opening this beer you encounter the wonderful scent of citrus, and when you take your first sip you engage with a combination of hops and Lemon, which you are sure to find delightful. This drink is one of the most refreshing drinks on the market today.

Our summer IPA features tangy, floral hops on the nose with aromas of fresh-cut grass and lemon peel. On first sip, tangelo and lemon zest burst through with emerging hints of spice from the hops, all balanced by a faint caramel malt backbone.