Highland Park Twisted Tattoo 16 Year


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Highland Park TWISTED TATTOO 16 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Highland Park Twisted Tattoo 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Telling stories on skin can be traced back over thousands of years to ancient tribal traditions and ramains a vital part of our cultural heritage today. Tattoos tell the world who we are, without saying a word. As unique as the DNA of the skin they decorate, they reflect both an independent attitude and a common bond - standing apart, yet part of a tribe.

In 922AD, Ibn Fadlan, an Arabian envoy from Baghdad, encountered a tribe of Viking traders on the Volga River. He described them as tattooed with patterns on trees and figures from head to toe. Thousands of miles from their Scandinavian home, our Viking ancestors stood proudly apart, just as Highland Park does today.

For the first time, we've married whisky matured in oak casks seasoned with Spanish Rioja wine and whisky matured in first-fill bourbon casks. The resultt is TWISTED TATTOO - a rich and contemporary single malt whisky that tells Highland Park's story through its own distinctive character.