Hess Select Pinot Noir 750ml


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Hess Select Pinot Noir

Hess Select Pinot Noir

Winter like conditions continued well into Spring, with periodic rain that did not
truly taper off until June. The growing season on the Central Coast was cooler than
normal, allowing fruit to ripen slowly and evenly, resulting in wines showing vivid
flavors and aromas. Harvest ran long in the Fall, and rain made an unwelcome
appearance, but judicious leaf pulling increased sun exposure and air circulation,
avoiding problems that are typical with late harvest moisture. For well tended
vineyards, the season demanded more attention, but we were ready for the challenge,
with outstanding results.
Pairs well with cassoulet, grilled salmon and gamey birds; earthy vegetables like
mushrooms or eggplant, spinach, leeks or a salad with honey Dijon dressing; sweet
walnuts with tomato plum jam and Fenacho cheese.