Herradura Ultra Anejo 750ml


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Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila

Herradura Ultra Añejo Tequila

Casa Herradura, the horseshoe tequila produce a range ultra premium tequilas that have been carefully crafted, created to be sipped. Slowly.

Newly available in America after its initial release in Mexico, Casa Herradura has extended its multi-award winning portfolio with the introduction of Herradura Ultra Añejo a crystalline transparent tequila.

It's clarity seems to hide nothing. However, it is only in the experience that this tequila reveals itself to its fullest. That transparency belies an incredible depth of flavor such as would usually be found only in a true vintage tequila.

Possessing a supremely soft and smooth palate Ultra Añejo is crafted. At its base is Herradura Añejo into which has been carefully blended Herradura Extra Añejo, an aged tequila that has been resting for up to 49 months in American White Oak Barrels. Finally, just before the blended liquid is filtered a subtle hint of pure Agave nectar is added.

Drink this stunning on the rocks, or opened up with a little water. The experience is pure Agave, soft buttery caramel and intensely sweet dried fruit joined by a pleasing kick of cinnamon and the sharp pepper that tequila lovers crave.