Herradura Cognac Cask Repo 750


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Herradura Cognac Cask Reposado

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Herradura Cognac Cask Reposado

Herradura Cognac cask finished Tequila Reposado which spends 11 months aging in American Oak barrels before spending a further three months finessing in Cognac barrels that have been exclusively sourced in the Grande Champagne regions of France.   

This unique process of its production results in a sophisticated drink perfect for sipping. Enjoy its palate which speaks dominantly of its Tequila origin. Agave earthy spiciness, caramel and vanilla sweetness with a delicate touch of pineapple citrus.   

Delivering an elegant finish it whispers, rich fruity after-notes reminding us of its recent deeply passionate and decadent affair with Cognac Brandy.