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Hennessy Very Special Ryan McGinness Limited Edition

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Hennessy V.S. Ryan McGinness Limited Edition

Hennessy, one of the worlds finest Cognacs is celebrating its 250th anniversary. They are celebrating in style with the release of a very limited edition of Hennessy V.S whose bottle label has been designed by acclaimed artist Ryan McGinness.

For inspiration McGinness draws upon the frantic energy he sees and feels as he walks the streets of New York and he finds that there are parallels between his own artistic approach and the creation of a Hennessy's fine Cognac explaining that "the process of combining elements and compounds to form mixtures [for his work] is resemblant of Hennessy's "artful blending of eaux-de-vie to create Cognac" and added that "the shared approach to [their] crafts is part science and part art" and describes his label design as being "the perfect embodiment of Hennessy's 250 years of dedication to the art of blending"

The limited edition McGinness label that on each bottle is individually numbered, the artwork itself featuring a radiating pattern of bright fluorescent colors over a clean white background. However, this seemingly benign background hides a secret. Pass the bottle under a black light and the label comes alive shining into life. The swirling colors 'pop' and illuminate reminding one of a party in full swing, which of course is all part of McGinness' concept and reminds us that this 250th anniversary is cause for much celebration.

Remaining true to form the enigmatic artist has taken his work even further. Not only has he re-interpreted the iconic Hennessy motif and its coat of arms creating with them impactful designs meant to stand the test of time. And, taking the label design yet further still, he has re-imagined the bottle's metadata - the information in fine print on the bottle label - which is displayed using ingenious and very unique visual symbology.

It is a bottle label that is in and of itself a very collectable item. And indeed, it is very nice to look at, a veritable feast for the eyes but, one needs to experience and to appreciate Hennessy Cognac with all of the senses be it savored alone or with friends, neat or over ice, or even enjoyed with a mixer - but be warned; this could lead to Hennessy V.S revealing its true liveliness of character.

The smooth amber liquid glows incandescent. It seems to somehow radiate its own warmth as the aroma begins to whisper its presence as it rises from the glass.

It begins rich and boozy. The scent of dried cake fruits announce themselves. The nostrils are then devilishly tickled as woody oaky aromas rise. These are liberally sprinkled with a creamy nuttiness, all of which tell you without your even having tasted it that Hennessy Very Special is possessed of an immense depth and complexity of character.

As you take a sip, the palate is at once powerful. Floral at first, it is full and round bodied. The flavours of winter berries frosted with soft vanilla and spice join in in perfect harmony. The sweet freshness of juice-laden grapes sprinkled with smokey grilled almonds and lots of mellow oakiness.

With a medium finish the wood pauses tarrying a while with the spice reminding you that you have enjoyed something Hennessy Very Special.