Hanssens Lambic Cassis 375ml


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Hanssens Lambic Cassis Craft Beer

Hanssens Lambic Cassis Craft Beer

Experimental brew w/ black currants; Version 1-2008: only 10 special cases made; 6.0% This listing is for BOTH the bottled version, as for the draught cassislambic, as they are essentialy the same beer! Hanssens Experimental Cassis pours a dark red / purple, and a beautiful, bright red when held up to the light, which reminds me of oxygenated blood. As with the other beer, no head and as “flat” as a straight lambic. I find this blackcurrant lambic more mellow and less funky than the raspberry lambic. The taste is more vinous and there is a subtle sweet note and some bitterness. There is also a nice astringency to this beer, reinforcing its earthy wine-like character. Not as sharp as the raspberry lambic, this medium-bodied lambic ends on a similar dry note. I think the lack of carbonation is less of a problem in this one.