Hanson Cucumber Organic 750ml


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Hanson Organic Cucumber Vodka

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Hanson Organic Cucumber Vodka

All Hanson Organic vodkas are created from the best, freshest organic grapes from Napa and Sonoma Valleys. The Cucumber Organic follows the same pattern. The medicinal vodka taste is balanced by the mild cucumber undertones, leaving a smooth, serene feeling to the palate.

Hanson Organic Cucumber Vodka is the perfect cocktail builder, pairing perfectly with summer-based salads, Southwest corn-based dishes, and a number of sausage dishes. Whether sipping this vodka straight, in a cocktail, or next to a well-paired food group, the feeling that you have the best vodka available on the market is undeniable. Smooth like a warm summer day, Organic Cucumber Vodka pleases every time.