Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter 22


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Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter

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Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter

Rich and decadent.  This strong porter is perfect for sipping at the end of the day or to accompany full-flavored foods. The intense, roasty flavor comes from two types of chocolate malt and raw cocoa nibs. Whole vanilla beans introduced post fermentation add complexity and enhance the dessert-like qualities of this full bodied beer. Indulge yourself!

Additional Information:
This beer began life as our Panamanian Porter with the flavors of chocolate, vanilla and banana.  A truly unique beer, we felt that all those flavors needed some smoothing out so we changed yeast strains and eliminated the banana flavor (Which came from the yeast strain).  The Panamanian Porter did have many fans however, and there may be plans in the future to bring it back for a special occasion.  Stay tuned…

SILVER - 2012 California State Fair                                  
SILVER - 2012 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition                                  
SILVER – 2011 California State Fair SILVER–2010 LA International Commercial Beer Competition