Hangar 1 Citron Vodka 750ml


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Hangar One Citron "Buddhas Hand"

Hangar One Citron "Buddhas Hand"

Hangar One Vodka The Buddhas Hand isnt just a funny-looking lemon. Its actually the lemons great grandfather. And maybe like all great lineage, its flavors and aromas run so much deeper - from jasmine to basil; apricot to fruitcake. Its acid bite is milder than a standard lemon, allowing these secondary flavors to take center stage, and dance a ballet on your palate. We start by distilling the whole fruit - seeds, skin, pits, juice, oils and all. The purified lemon extracts in other vodkas give you a single note. Our Buddha'ss Hand plays the whole symphony. (Maybe that's what all the fingers are for.)