Hangar 1 Chipotle Vodka 750ml


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Hargar One Chipotle Vodka

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Hargar One Chipotle Vodka

California's Hargar 1 Chipotle AT FIRST, ID BEEN THINKING of distilling black pepper for a spirit to work in bloody marys. But when we started experimenting with chipotles, I realized that this flavor - mild, earthy and smokey spice - could pair just as well with bourbons, brandies, and fruit juices. After testing a variety of pasilla, cobàn and piquíns, we finally sourced a unique purple morita from Chihuahua that produced a range of flavor none of us had ever experienced from pepper before. From the aroma to the finish, our chipotle spirit offers notes of dark chocolate, alder smoke, and warm, even heat.