Grey Goose VX 750ml


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Grey Goose VX Vodka

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Grey Goose VX Vodka

Drawing on his past expertise in Cognac, creator Francois Thibault has blended precious cognac with his unique vodka to create Grey Goose VX, an exclusive edition that establishes a new standard in luxury spirit.

Grey Goose vodkas are extraordinary, ultra supreme, an opulent masterpiece, delivering hedonistic pleasure. Using only the finest ingredients, and made with painstaking attention to detail Grey Goose Vodka is distilled using methods that ensure the full characteristics of the grain is captured and retained. The resulting vodka is smooth, flavorful, uniquely distinctive.

Drink Grey Goose VX from a snifter glass, poured over rocks. Gently swirl around the glass. The nose is characterful, wrapped in white fruit blossom, sun ripened apricots and plums. It is lightly citrus, and sweet with wild honey. Allow yourself to transcend into decadent luxurious pleasure, this spirit is smooth possessing of a long lingering finish.