Grappa Candolini Ruta 1 Liter


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Grappa Candolini Ruta 1 Liter

Grappa Candolini Ruta

Best served in Tulip Tea Glasses after a meal; the Candolini Grappa Ruta originates in Italy. Manufactured from 85% free running grapes, you can only imagine remaining the best-selling spirit for over one hundred years in the running. That is the history of this aromatic and flavorful spirit. Distilled and packaged in a genuine 19th-century style bottle helps to maintain that old time feel.

Its true origins began as waste not what can be used for something else; the Grappa was the by-product of wine making. It was quite a rough drink, but the ole Italian farmers made quite a time with it through the rough and cold winters.

Today, it is enjoyed around the world and made in a much different and refined way than what was originally intended. The fact remains that the bitter taste carries on into the Candolini Grappa Ruta by way of a piece of Ruta (Rue) in the bottom of the bottle.

The Candolini Grappa Ruta is often served with a dessert and only in small quantities. Served at room temperature, the aromatic and flavorful spirits shine through.