Grand Teton Grand Saison 750


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Grand Teton Grand Saison 750

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Grand Teton Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale 750ml The Grand Teton Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale Saison is the original summer beer, Origianlly brewed in southern Belgium of thirsty farm hands, these crisp, bubbly and refreshing brews demand to be consumed on hot summer days. Our Saison follows centuries of tradition, using European hop varieties - Hallertauer Magnum, Styrian Goldings, and Strrisselspalt. We also use a very light base malt accented by just a touch of Wheat and Munich malts. Finally, we ferment the beer very warm with a well - known Belgian yeast strain to bring out the spicy flavors that are common to Saisons. This style pairs well with an astonishing variety of foods. Drink it with grilled sausage or chicken, green crry with coconut milk, or a summer salad with vinaigrette and crumbled bleu cheese. The Grand Saison is a beer to commemorate warm weather. Original Gravity: 15.0 International Bitterness Units: 32 Alcohol by Volume: 7.5% Color (Lovibond): 5