Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino Kevin Hart Tequila


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Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino Tequila

Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino Tequila

Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino Tequila is the perfect drink for a night with friends. Made in collaboration with Kevin Hart, Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino Tequila is aged in eastern European oak barrels, then finished in California cabernet wine casks. This recipe makes it a great-tasting tequila with a beautiful bottle.

Introducing Gran Coramino Tequila and our exceptionally smooth Reposado Cristalino. Founded by Kevin Hart and 11th generation tequila maker Juan Domingo Beckmann, two tequila lovers and masters of their crafts who bonded over their shared passion for tequila.

Our Reposado Cristalino is a one-of-a-kind, complex and smooth tequila. Crafted from hand-selected piñas which are harvested at peak maturity from our family farms and then roasted in traditional stone ovens. Aged for months in Eastern European oak barrels and finished in California Cabernet Sauvignon wine casks. Then, as a final step, the tequila is slow-filtered to create a rich, complex and ultra-smooth crystal-clear Cristalino tequila that you will love drinking.

Gran Coramino Cristalino is so good that it can be enjoyed by itself. The liquid’s sweet and spicy flavors make for a complex pour. Take in the aromas of oak and cooked agave and savor the taste of vanilla bean, toffee, dark berries, and light spice. Add rocks for greater refreshment, or other ingredients if you have a particular taste in mind. We have a few recommendations.

So next time you're in the mood for a drink, think of Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino Tequila.

Cooked agave, ripened stone fruit, and oak

Vanilla bean, toffee, dark berries, and light spice

Crystal-clear with platinum hues

Oak-laced, long and balanced finish

100% blue agave

We own every step of the tequila-making process from planting to bottling


2 oz Gran Coramino Cristalino
1 oz Lime juice
.25 oz agave syrup
.25 oz Canton ginger liqueur
Lime peel wrapped around crystalized ginger