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Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum

With its beginnings back in 1806, James Gosling, eldest of wine and spirits merchant William Goslings sons set out in the spring months on a quest bound for America. Sailing out from Gravesend in Kent, England with £10,000 worth of merchandise on board the ship Mercury after 91 days at sea their charter had run out, forcing them to dock at the nearest port;St Georges, Bermuda. Here he remained joined later by his borther and opening up a business in partnership with their father. The company remaining in the Gosling family still to this day.

In 1858 they lauched Goslings Black Seal a rum that combines beautifully the produce of two different pot stills, the first used to make fine Cognacs the second as is used to create grappa. One imparting a rich and intricate flavor, the other finesse and subtle elegance.

Black Seal rum is well balanced, assertive, robust. Fragrant with a herbal sharpness, complex with layers of butterscotch, caramel and soft vanilla. The finish is soft, smooth and delicately graceful.

Beautiful to sip, Black Seal’s is superb as a cocktail, the Gosling Black Seal signature cocktail Dark & Stormy combining it with Goslings Story Ginger Beer.