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Goose Island Gillian Craft Beer

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Goose Island Gillian Beer

Inspired by an amuse bouche often prepared by the wife of one of our brewers, Scully brings white pepper, strawberry, and honey to a harmonious blend of “mouth amusement”. The ingredients are added at different stages to a Saison, and fermented with a normal Belgian yeast as well as a Champagne yeast.

Scully made its first appearance at the Great Taste of the Midwest in 2009. By the time I first tried it, at the Night of the Living Ales in 2010 (its fourth showing), it was already being barrel aged. "Goose Island took the gold with an oak-aged version of their painfully scarce and truly wonderful Scully," I wrote at the time. "I accosted Goose Island brewer John Laffler, who was a great sport about it, and he 'confirmed' (no journalism actually happens after that much beer, sorry) that Scully is named after Gillian Anderson's character from The X-Files. Laffler also told me that Anderson worked as a server at a Goose Island pub, presumably while attending DePaul, to which I can only say: I want to believe."