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Goose Island Bourbon County Barlywine 2015

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Goose Island Barleywine 2015

In a relaxing atmosphere the 2015 Goose Island Barleywine makes for a wonderful combination of class and company.

    • The look provides a dark and mysterious stout appearance with a thin lacing.
    • The smell provided the most appealing scent of light vanilla hints of coffee notes and dark stone fruits.
    • The all-important taste lit up the mouth as the smells came alive and burst into the some of the same tastes of the hints of the vanilla. The addition of chocolate added a bit of sweetness and captured the grand showcase of the 2015 Goose Island Barleywine.

Set your winter nights by the fireplace as you enjoy a fine barley wine. With enough spice, the sweetness adds a layer to kick it up to a level playing field unheard of.