Gold Spot 9 Year Old Irish Whiskey


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Gold Spot 9 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Gold Spot Irish Whiskey has the luxurious character and rich texture that comes from being matured in a wide variety of casks including Bourbon, Sherry and Port.

Gold Spot Whiskey is matured for at least nine years in bourbon barrels, sherry butts, bordeaux wine casks and port pipes. The result is a rich amber liquid with a subtle golden colour and complex flavour with hints of spice, honey and caramel.

A light mix of pineapple, kiwi, green banana and lime zest followed by Pot Still spices, baked apple, hazelnut and toasted wood.

A smooth mouthfeel with a subtle mix of fruit, a hint of clove and cracked black pepper corns. Sweet spices, vanilla and cinnamon add to the wood’s nutty contribution.

A lasting and distinctly palatable balance of exotic fruits and spices.