Zac Brown UnCaged Red 750ml


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Buy Z Alexander Brown Uncaged Red Wine

Buy Z Alexander Brown Uncaged Red Wine

Leading to the land of many places and the fields of only one, the Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged Proprietary Red Blend brings together people, food and the wine that binds the two in a good conversation over a homestead meal.

Aroma- Fresh, dark berries, and hints of baking spices waft in the air

Palate- a complex and mouth full of the same aromas dark berries, black currants, black berries, blue berries, chocolate and baking spices present themselves on the palate. It is full-filling and bursting with these wonderful flavors

Finish- Smooth and round, stays with you leaving

Affordably priced, the wine is anything but at or below par. It’s superb quality in aroma and taste lead to the amazing finish in what can only be described as a finish worth waiting for.

Being a new red wine (14.5% abv)and served room temperature or chilled, its aroma and taste are fulfilling and bold already. It will be interesting to see what 2-3 yrs of maturation will do on it.