Gnarly H 1924 Double Black 750


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Gnarly Head 1924 Limited Edition Double Black

Limited Edition Gnarly Head 1924 Double Black

This limited edition jet black and richly full-bodied wine harks back to a time when the drinking of alcohol was outlawed; when to enjoy it was deemed to be unconstitutional. They were dark days indeed however, Prohibition also gave rise to a thriving black-market where the daring buying and selling of illegally made beverages was rife.

In homage to those times Gnarly Head 1924 Double Black upholds the Gnarly Head maxim to the full; gutsy and bold, it is totally unapologetic in its rebelliousness. It takes its name from the year the first vines planted, grown in the old tradition free-standing style they grew strong with convoluted, twisted gnarly branches. Back then to provide much needed income to the farmers the fruit produced was sold to friends and neighbors.... though some of those grapes could have been used to make wine.

A record-breaking crop with supreme quality fruit was blessed with perfect growing conditions. Gathered clandestinely under the cover of darkness and during the cooler night hours the harvested and de-stemmed grapes have been slowly fermented, gently pressed and aged in French and American oak casks where it has had time to develop even deeper and more elaborate layers of flavor and character.

Gnarly Head 1924 blends Zinfandel, Merlot and Syrah grape varietals that have been sourced from some of the oldest North Californian vineyards, some of which have remained in the same families for generations and crafted in the field-blend style favored during the Prohibition Era.

The result is a seductive, sultry dark red-black wine that as it enters the glass fills the nostrils with its rich and heady aromas of blackberry jam, sweet caramel, piquant raspberry and velvety cocoa.

Upfront and brazen the wine is sweet and juicy throughout. It is dense coating the mouth with its vivid, audacious yet sophisticated flavors. Luscious field-fresh blackberries, dark plums and sticky fig preserve. The finish sticks around well delivering with it a home-baked pie spice warmth.

Pair this spirited wine with equally vivacious fare; perhaps spicy sausage, BBQ sauce marinaded ribs or bacon cheeseburgers.