Glenfiddich Trio 12-15-18 Year


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Glenfiddich Trio 12 Year 15 Year 18 Year Gift Set

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Glenfiddich Trio 12 Year 15 Year 18 Year Gift Set

1 Bottle Glenfiddich 12 Year 200ml | 1 Bottle Glenfiddich 15 Year 200ml | 1 Bottle Glenfiddich 18 Year 200ml

For the lover of all three, the one who just can't decide which one to try or for a get-together where no one knows who will like what, the Glenfiddich Trio 12-15-18 Year makes the best selection.


12 Year - The delicious scents of almonds, sweet pears, and hints of light cinnamon swirl under your nose and tickle your senses.

15 Year - With a hint of smoke and the delicate scents of honeyed pears and spiced candies you are well on your way to enjoyed something wonderful.

18 Year - Breath in the wonderfully accented aromas of the vanilla and the oak. They are the initial scents and the most welcoming. They are quickly followed by the intriguing pear.



12 Year - The first ½ full sip coats your mouth and taps off the roof of your mouth with the sweetness and robust flavors of pear, cinnamon and only very minor hints of the barrel tastes most likely due to the range of barrel types uses. It is best enjoyed neat, save the soda, ice and shots for something more complex.

15 Year - With the lush and inviting Sweet sherry taking the honor of the first place taste, it sets the tone for everything sweet and nice. As if there is nothing but sweet goodness we come across honey, almonds, and fruitcake to throw the sugar off the charts. However, they blend so well that it is not an overt and blah sugar taste. The spiciness must play its role well in downplaying and removing the sugar character because its taste is not masked.

18 Year - You are ready for a smooth, classy and ultra-plush experience with your very first sip. The embodiment of the 18 will become one of easily reachable selections when you want to feel better on one of your gloomy days. Fruit lovers beware, the plums, oranges and more are all there, and the tastes are bountiful at different levels depending on your palate. A clean palate may also pick up quite differently than that of which has been worked all day.


12 Year - It is a great choice for newcomers. Fresh faces to the scotch world may find greater comfort in establishing a road to paradise. Its younger crisp single malt status lends its hand to it being an everyday scotch without the effects of a long drawn out hangover.

15 Year - Candied fruits, and pear flow through barrel takes the cake to through the finish line on this one. Nice on the Oak, Goes long on in the end.

18 Year - Whatever you do, don’t forget the cubes, straight is not the way to go. Enjoy every drop, the finish is as spectacular as the aroma and just as lasting.

Stay on cue with yourself, you may find yourself keeping all three for different and identifiable reasons, and that is just for yourself, never mind the guests.