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Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

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Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

A one off from Glenfiddich. This was created with whisky that was blended from casks that lay in warehouses which collapsed under snow on the 7th January. This casks included bourbon and Oloroso and they range from 13 and 30 years of age. Superb packaging too!

CASK OF DREAMS LIMITED EDITION A SINGLE MALT INSPIRED BY PIONEERING SPIRIT In 1887, when the spirit flowed into the first cask of Glenfiddich, distillery founder William Grant achieved a lifelong dream. In 2011, the Cask of Dreams will capture and celebrate hopes and aspirations across the country. Twelve casks are touring the U.S., and being inscribed with aspirations along the way. They will then return to Scotland to be filled with the fruits of our founder’s labor, the best dram in the valley.” Under the watchful eye of Malt Master Brian Kinsman, these new oak Casks of Dreams will impart a uniquely rich, intense flavor to our single malt, creating a rare and personally significant bottling. HERE'S TO DREAMS COME TRUE