Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Single Malt Whisky


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Glennfiddich Excellence 26 Year Single Malt Whisky

Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Single Malt Whisky

Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Single Malt Whisky. Ultra-rare, available only in very select markets.

It is a spirit which must be considered one of life's great luxuries, having spent the last quarter of a century maturing slowly in American Oak ex-bourbon casks which were handmade long ago and open fire toasted by the Kelvin family Of Coopers.

The oak is uniquely porous, allowing the contents to breath the pure clean air of the Scottish Highlands. Over time, it has absorbed all that the wood imparts, adding its exceptional qualities to the spirit within. As it is softened with age, it takes on subtle layers of spices and sweet vanilla flavors , becoming ever more complex with each passing year.

Created to honor Glenfiddich's line of continuous family ownership since being founded by William Grant in 1887, this ultra-luxury Scotch, is a rich golden yellow seeming to glow with warmth.

As its aromas waft on the breeze, caressing softly with light spring florals, sweet pea and violets enriched with a subtle, pleasing, green leafiness.

Like its glowing hue, the taste is vibrant. soft brown sugar and vanilla sweetness perform an intricate dance on the palate with dry tannins and deep woody oaks which pulse the senses. The warmth develops, building the moment just as the sensuously skilled lover whom you long for.

At its crescendo gorgeous hints of spice and liquorice pique the tongue then the finish is slowly drawn out, as elongated as was the maturation, deep, rich and complex it holds you in its warm embrace, before you eagerly begin the dance once again.

A rare and aged single malt Scotch whisky that has spent 26 long years carefully maturing in American Oak ex-bourbon casks. This expression was created to honour Glenfiddich's line of continuous family ownership since William Grant founded our distillery in 1887.

Doing things our own way means we can create a luxurious single malt that truly lives up to its name. We’ve created a vibrant yet soft and delicate expression, with a deep and complex balance of sweetness and dry oak tannin. Bound to excite the palate and awaken the nose.

Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old whisky is available in selected markets.

Rich golden.

Soft and delicate with a beautiful floral character. Spring blossom, violets, sweet peas and a subtle green leafiness.

Vibrant with a compelling balance of dry tannin and soft brown sugar vanilla sweetness. A deep oak flavor gradually builds, with hints of spice and liquorice shining through.

Deep and complex.