Glendalough Irish Whiskey 750ml


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Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

Glendalough Irish Whiskey

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey was voted the best Irish whiskey in the world, making it a must-try for whiskey lovers. It's been aged twice, first in bourbon barrels and then in Spanish Oloroso Sherry barrels. Together, these two barrels give you sweet vanilla notes with dried fruit and Spanish oak spices. We like to drink it neat or on ice, but for a nice Lough Inn recipe try it with soda or any other mixer for a great cocktail!

Our Double Barrel has sucked the marrow out of two casks, Bourbon and Oloroso. They each bring their own unique flavour and character. While the Bourbon barrels add, among other things, sweet, smooth vanilla notes, the Oloroso casks layer on those dried fruit and slightly nutty flavours. And of course these are all accented by almost four years resting in Ireland’s mild maritime climate.

Voted BEST IRISH WHISKEY under 7 years at San Francisco World Spirits Competition