Ghost Blanco Tequila 750ml


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Ghost Tequila Blanco

Ghost Tequila Blanco

Ghost Blanco Tequila is handcrafted from 100% pure Agave from the Jalisco region of Mexico. The premier source for Agave plants, Jalisco produces fine, pure ingredients for a smooth, sippable tequila. Ghost Blanco Tequila blends ghost peppers into the sweet agave nectar, producing a lingering aftertaste that isn't for the faint of heart.

Ghost Tequila is a glimpse of the possibilities that wait for us in the dark of night. It’s a celebration of the unknown, the surreal, and what lies ahead. Like a match struck in the dark, Ghost is the spark of excitement that runs down the spine after the lights go out.

A mysterious fusion of ghost peppers and 100% agave tequila, Ghost will fill you with fire—a brief, transfixing possession that’ll leave you bone-chilled and breathless. Whether you’re getting your kicks in a seedy dive or holding court with the chic and refined, Ghost is the perfect fuel for whenever the spirit strikes.