George T. Stagg JR 750ml_


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George T Stagg Jr. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


(8 to 9 Year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey)

We will never forget the first time we had George T. Stagg bourbon - it was a revelation. Never had a spirit delivered such fireworks on the palate. Unapologetically strong, George T. Stagg is the kind of whiskey you sit with and chew on for a long time. The biggest problem with George T. Stagg isn’t its monster proof, it’s that it has become nearly impossible to find. We were surprised when we heard that Buffalo Trace, the makers of George T. Stagg, were extending the George T. Stagg line with Stagg Jr., a younger barrel proof version of the notoriously strong whiskey. George T. Stagg is traditionally released as a 17 year old whiskey, while Stagg Jr. comes in at eight to nine years, literally half the age of George T. Stagg.