George Remus Highest Rye Bourbon


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George Remus Highest Rye Bourbon

George Remus was no ordinary bourbon; he was the king of Rye-land! He loved to throw grand parties where he'd dance and swirl in cups, making everyone smile with his rich and spicy notes.

People from all around would come to taste him, saying he was made with the highest rye, which made him taste oh-so-delicious. Imagine a world where every sip is a new story with George leading the way. Want to be a part of George's party? Just pour a little and let the fun tales begin!


Rich fruit syrup, slight maple, balance of caramel, vanilla, barrel char, mint, cinnamon, fig and saddle leather

Robust candied fruit, caramel, vanilla, slight sweet cream. Slight candied raisin, fig, caramel and mint grass

Spicy cinnamon, slight nutmeg, and fruit, rich saddle leather lingering finish