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Full Sail Brewers Share ALT

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Full Sail Brewers Share ALT

Now Serving: Phil's Existential Alt

When asked what his inspiration was for Phil’s Existential Alt, Roche replied, “Altbier is indigenous to Dusseldorf and Neanderthal man is indigenous to Dusseldorf. The ancient Germans thought a lot about their existence. Early myths contain some 200 verses about the creation of the world. The ancient Germans thought even more about beer, with 400 verses about beer making. "Phil's Existential Alt" celebrates our existence through our most celebrated!”

According to Phil, A generous amount of Munich and Vienna malts give this beer its copper color and toasty-caramel aroma. German noble hops provide complimentary bitterness and a clean, dry finish. The beer has been cold-conditioned for six weeks and goes down smooth.

ABV 5.1% IBU 43