Freixenet Extra Dry Cordon 750ml


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Freixenet Extra Dry Cordon Champagne

Aged in the bottle for approximately three years, the Cordon Negro Extra Dry is less austere than the Brut. Delicate and clean, it features a mellow, balanced flavor. Excellent as an aperitif.

Cordon Negro Extra Dry was introduced in 1990 to appeal to changing customer preferences. Updated to trend along with more modern palates, Cordon Negro Brut Extra Dry is a crisp sparkling wine with just a nuance of sweetness, making it perfect for stylish, contemporary cuisine.

A dry sparkling wine that whispers just a hint of sweetness, Cordon Negro Brut Extra Dry pleases a variety of palates. Earthy, fruity, and blessed with peach, melon and candied citrus essence, this cava leads up to a long, smooth finale of intoxicating flavors and aromas.