Franciscan Cabernet Sauv 750ml


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Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

The FRANCISCAN ESTATE delivers the Cabernet Sauvignon a dry red wine, at 13.5% it is ready now, but can always use a little time in the cellar however, who can wait on a good red wine.

Aroma: Dark fruits, black cherries, figs, smoke

Palate: Full bodied, vanilla, black cherry, bursting tannins

Finish: long lingering red fruits

Overall, give it some space and time to breathe and open up. It is a nice red wine that is an excellent offering to the line given its space to age just a bit more. At its current age, enjoy it with the red meats where it enhances and brings out the flavors and blends together. They marry well.. Always Always Decant minimum 1-2 hours

If you happen to be on Hwy 29 and just pass Rutherford and the various others, you will come upon a small, friendly winery with a huge water fountain out front, don’t pass it by it is The FRANCISCAN ESTATE. The Cabernet Sauvignon a dry red wine is available fresh just inside for when the mood strikes the fancy.

An excellent offering:

As a date:

    • salty braised or grilled red meat such as the prime rib, rib eye or other comparable cut

As a company or family meal:

    • Rib roast and roasted vegetables