Foursquare Rum Premise 750ml


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Foursquare Premise Single Blended Rum

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Foursquare Premise Single Blended Rum

Foursquare Rum Distillery Premise. Another intriguingly named rum from Foursquare. Premise – a proposition supporting or helping to support a conclusion. Cryptic, very cryptic.

Foursquare Premise the eighth bottling in the exceptional cask series. It is one of three bottlings released in 2018 alongside Dominus and 2005.

Foursquare Premise has been aged for 3 years in ex-bourbon casks before being transferred to ex-sherry casks where it was matured for a further 7 years. 10 years in total. It was bottled in January 2018. It is a blend of Pot and Column distilled rums.