Flor de Cana Centenario 18yr


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Flora De Caña Centenario 18 Year Old Rum

Flor De Caña Centenario 18 Year Old Rum

Created where the finest sugar cane grows, for five generations the family owned and run Flor De Caña distillery in Nicaragua, Central America have created this ultra premium rum to be smooth and laid back.

It makes great cocktails but is equally good neat garnished with a delicate sliver orange peel, or poured over ice for a chilled out Flor on the rocks.

The color of warm golden amber this luxurious hand crafted rum is aged in small white oak cask for almost two decades. The long rest has imbued the liquid with a richness and complexity of flavors that delight the senses. It is full bodied, viscous, surprisingly dry, and yet too it is sweet. Toffee caramel and dark chocolate, dance with roasted nuts and browned spices. Ultra smooth, the finish whispers sweetly of vanilla, fading away to charred oak.

It's great and keeps getting better. All eight expressions of Flor De Caña rum are produced and bottled at source with zero impact on the natural environment, as well as being Kosher Certified.