Filthy Blue Cheese Olives 8oz


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Filthy Blue Cheese Olive Drink Garnishes

Filthy Blue Cheese Olive Drink Garnishes

Do you want to make your martini a dirty delight? If so, then an eight-ounce jar of Filthy Blue Cheese Olives is what you want. They are large queen olives that make a great addition to any cocktail or if you want to eat them by themselves, they make a great snack. Every one of these olives is stuffed with the creamy goodness of premium Wisconsin blue cheese and are steeped in a brine that has no oil in it that adds a salty flavor to these delicious olives. If you want to o-live a little, these olives are what you need to liven up any drink that you will o-love when you put Filthy Blue Cheese Olives in it.