FEW Flaming Lips Rye Whiskey


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Few Flaming Lips Brainville Rye Whiskey

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Few Flaming Lips Brainville Rye Whiskey

Flaming Lips and Few Spirits get together for a whiskey

The Lips — a fairly incredible Oklahoma City psychedelic rock band that has been making music for 30 years — didn’t have a role in the conceptualization or production of the whiskey, but frontman Wayne Coyne still weighed in with a statement: “Whiskey … it’s such a volatile drink. Upon pouring a drink it’s like accepting that you may become a werewolf … And really ... Who doesn't want to become a werewolf

Brainville Rye will be limited to 5,000 bottles, about one-fifth of which will be sold in the Chicago area. Hletko said he expects the whiskey to sell well despite the steep price because it will be limited (“Once it’s gone, it’s gone”) and some people really like The Flaming Lips.