Espolón Cristalino Tequila


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Espolón Cristalino Tequila

Espolòn Cristalino is a unique blend of extra aged with Añejo tequilas, giving it a taste and presentation that is certainly unique to all. With its unrivaled smoothness and incredible taste, Espolòn Cristalino Añejo is the perfect elixir for any connoisseur of fine tequila – and a top choice among some of the world's most beloved coinsures. 

The silky, aromatic Espolòn Cristalino Añejo begins with rich flavor notes of caramelized agave and honey, followed by a fruity oak finish. This unique blend of Añejo with a touch of extra Añejo tequilas is artfully filtered through charcoal for the shortest amount of time possible to retain its signature flavor while leaving a crystal clear liquid free from color and harsh notes.