El Tesoro Extra Anejo 80th 750


El Tesoro 8 Year Old Extra Anejo Tequila 80th Anniversary

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El Tesoro 8 Year Old Extra Anejo Tequila 80th Anniversary

Commemorating the 80th anniversary, El Tesoro has released a Limited Edition of their famed aged tequila. Aged eight years in oak barrels with only eight casks of it in production, the El Tesoro Extra Anejo 80th will be in production in the United States.

El Tesoro tequila was founded in 1937 by Don Felipe Camarena, and this reiteration of their tequila represents authentic distillery.

The tequila is full-bodied, as it uses blue agave grown in mineral-rich soils, imparting a sort of spiciness. The agave is then slowly cooked, crushed, and the liquid harvested and distilled to 85% proof at low temperatures. El Tesoro Extra Anejo 80th is unique, in that it does not uses water or sugar during the distilling process. The spicy character of the tequila pairs well with roasted chicken, salmon, and salsa accompaniments.

The 80th Anniversary Edition El Tesoro Extra Anejo begins with some time-honored techniques before spending eight years aging to perfection in American oak ex-bourbon barrels, making this one of the most aged expressions that El Tesoro has ever released. Meant to be enjoyed as a sipping Tequila, this commemorative spirit offers a rare chance to experience the balance between the edition’s agave-forward flavor and the oaky, woody notes imparted by the extensive aging process.