El Segundo Standard Crude 22oz


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El Segundo Standard Crude

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El Segundo Standard Crude

El Segundo Brewing Company Standard Crude is an American Double/Imperial Stout that pours in the glass inky jet black, topped with a minimal caramel colored head, with delicate lingerie lacing around the edges.

The nose is deep, juicy dark fruits, sweet plums and prunes, roasted cocoa and toasted malt. The taste on the palate is espresso and chocolate, with a boozy mouthfeel lively with carbonation. The stone fruit lends welcome sweetness, as the hops emerges bringing with it an aggressive bitterness. After its aggression has played out, the hops lingers in the finish, by now delivering a more gentle almost nuzzling bite that has been rendered more loving in the aftermath, and partnered with an easy, rich, creamy smoothness.