El Jolgorio Mexicano 750ml


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El Jolgorio Mexicano Mezcal

El Jolgorio Mexicano Mezcal

Sometimes, you just want to have the unique and true flavors of Mexico in your liquor. Whether you are cooking a traditional Mexican meal or want to remember a special vacation south of the border, you need a mezcal that will match your mood.

This El Jolgorio Mexicano can do just that. Made from agave mexicano (also known as agave rhodacantha) that is 100% wild harvested, this mezcal is open fermented and double distilled in the traditional way to give you a true sense of what mezcal was always meant to be.

This mezcal has a very herbaceous flavor with hints of oregano and black pepper, along with notes of cinnamon. Add to that the fruity flavors of cantaloupe and plums, and El Jolgorio Mexicano is a one-of-a-kind mezcal that you will love.